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by Marcelo Batista C. Pacheco, Winner of Concurso Nacional de Ufologia, Brazil.


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Carl Burgess for Ratatat.

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Carl Burgess, produced by Blink Art & Colonel Blimp

I have nothing but love for More Soon. In his latest work for Ratatat, former Hi-ReS! Art Director Carl Burgess shares his love for stock footage. My thoughts exactly.


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Balcony Collapse.

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Balcony Collapse from hendersontwelve on Vimeo.

Very nice reference to J.G. Ballard’s “High Rise”.
Artist: Henderson.

Digital Arabs.

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Vit Sisler: “Digital Arabs: Representation in Video Games”
This article presents the ways in which Muslims and Arabs are represented and represent themselves in video games. First, it analyses how various genres of European and American video games have constructed the Arab or Muslim Other. Within these games, it demonstrates how the diverse ethnic and religious identities of the Islamic world have been flattened out and reconstructed into a series of social typologies operating within a broader framework of terrorism and hostility. It then contrasts these broader trends in western digital representation with selected video games produced in the Arab world, whose authors have knowingly subverted and refashioned these stereotypes in two unique and quite different fashions. In conclusion, it considers the significance of western attempts to transcend simplified patterns of representation that have dominated the video game industry by offering what are known as ‘serious’ games.

Published as Sisler, Vit. Digital Arabs: Representation in Video Games. European Journal of Cultural Studies. Vol. 11, No. 2, SAGE Publications, 2008, pp. 203-220. ISSN: 1367-5494. Read the whole article on Digital Islam:

Industrial Soundscape.

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Industrial Soundscape by David Lynch, from Dynamic 01.

Internet Amateurs.

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I like the portfolio of

Turn Right.

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Crossroads, by Garvin Nolte.

I’d Like To See Ink Burn Into Your Skin.

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by Joseph Goosey.

To Wolfie Blackheart.

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Marina Abramovíc Made Me Cry.

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“Nutzen Sie all die erstaunlichen Möglichkeiten, die ihnen noch bleiben. Die Pleite ist das Tor, durch das wir hindurchmüssen um zu einem neuen Leben zu gelangen.”


There’s Always Hope.

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“Rachael Wabagano, Robert McKenzie and the Eagle Owl spirit.”
Artist: Chasse-Lune.

A Turn For The Worse.

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Found on (Carl Burgess)


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Robbie (Douglas P. Remix).

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Model: Robbie Wadge

Cut frames.

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John John Jesse.

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by John John Jesse.